2010 Wedding Magazine Feature – Aislewalk

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Aislewalk is definitely our favorite little magazine out there, and I love that the purse-sized format lends itself to being carried around by all the gals planning their weddings! We always get a pile to hand out here at the studio, but I find that it’s so hard to give away as everyone already has a copy – and often, they’ve got it on them. Awesome!

We were excited to share some of the DIY details of Marina & Ivo’s May wedding in the 2010 issue of Aislewalk. Their wedding was complete class, and the surprise is that they did it on a fairly DIY budget, enlisting family and friends to do everything from helping arrange flowers to painting the custom artwork that would accent their day. The result: complete high end style on a budget they could live on. Thanks to Tracey for joining Reilly & me for this one! Definitely check out the images from our first blog post, I’m pretty sure some of those guys must *still* be recovering 😉

For this issue of Aislewalk Reilly also photographed the jewelery spreads, so we’ve got a few pages to be proud of here.

Don’t have your copy? We still do have a few that we’d be happy to share when you come in to see us – just ask!


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