Alusha & Sergey

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This was a last minute booking for us and despite meeting these two only a month before their late summer Sunday affair, their wedding turned into one of our favourites of the season.

First of all – this girl is made to model, and Sergey holds his own in her presence. Simply put, they were stunning! The dress jumped out at Alusha from the pages of a fashion magazine and was ordered without having ever been seen in person, and it was absolutely perfect. If anyone could pull off this dress, Alusha was the one to do it.

And then the details – oh the details. As they both work at Granville Island Florists the flowers were individually handpicked and were perfect down to each petal. From the paper lanterns in the trees to the floating candles in the pond, nothing was overlooked. I will never again take a second glance when I hear the words “just a small back yard affair…” because this back yard would put most wedding venues to shame!

The passion they have for eachother is ever so clear in each picture we took, and the love they share for their daughter was also such a big part of the day.

There were so many images and it will be a while before we can go through them all, but for now here are a few of our favourites!

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