Happy Holidays!

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A very quick note just to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season! We’ve been ultra busy with flying and eating and family and even a christmas eve wedding. Great fun!

We have 2 more weddings before the year is out (one on Saturday and another on new year’s eve!) and I’ll look forward to sharing a tonne of great images from all 3 early in the new year as well as finally getting a bit of a break and a chance to sit back and reflect on what a wonderful year we’ve had.

Cheers everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the last days of the year!

xmas card(illo with help from the lovely Cynthia)

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  1. Blanca


    I was looking around and I found your website. I'm very impressed with your pictures, that's the style that I love, I love the original compositions and colors. I'm a photographer as well and I'm starting doing weddings here in Galveston TX. I'd like to know how do you do to get this look. Do you use filters to saturate the colors? or is it editing?

    I'm glad I saw your pics, they are very nice and inspiring.


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