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Linda & Paul

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Linda and Paul were married in one of our favourite places on earth last weekend – Tofino. We were excited to be able to visit our fav bed & breakfast while celebrating with them and their families.

The weather on Saturday was amazing and their beach wedding went off without a hitch.

A plan had been hatched on Saturday to officially trash the dress (you’re not going to wear it again anyway!) by running into the water first thing Sunday morning. Morning came and it was POURING – there were wind and wave warnings from environment canada and it wasn’t looking promising. We were game but weren’t sure if minds might have changed from the day before…

We knocked on the door as planned at 8:30 in the morning and Linda answered the door in her wedding dress with hair still done from the day before completely ready to go. We were on!

It was probably the quickest session we’ve ever done – maybe 10 minutes total – due to a tight timeline and the drenching downpour. It turns out, though, that the rain doesn’t seem so cold after you’ve run up to your waist in jeans into the ocean!

We’ll share more when we’ve gone through them all, but here’s a taste of the fun we had. I love shooting with weatherproof gear that allows us to do stuff like this (thanks to Canon), and I love any couple who is willing to run into the ocean or any similar craziness in the interests of capturing some great images. I can’t wait to finish these!

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