Alanna & Ben’s Tofino Wedding

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You didn’t think I’d miss my *very last day* in the one month blogging marathon, did you? I came close a couple of times, but today was not to be missed!

Today I wanted to share a wedding we photographed in one of my most very favorite places on earth – Tofino! Alanna & Ben chose Tofino for the wedding day before coming back to Vancouver for a reception the following week. You’ll have to wait for reception photos in the coming days – there are Olympics to take in, after all! – but I couldn’t wait to share their wedding day.

Theirs was the definition of tiny – immediate family and a few very good friends only – but they made up for that with multiple days to enjoy the west coast. They rented a couple large houses and no sooner had the photo session ended all the ladies were changed into flannel pj’s! Now *that’s* how to truly relax.

I started pulling in some of my fav images and realized I might as well keep going, so here are both some of my fav images as well as their wedding highlights video with even more captures from the day. In true Tofino fashion, it was unseasonably sunny all morning (a treat in November!), absolutely POURED rain during the ceremony (to much laughter!), and went right back to being sunny for us to capture a few beach shots.

SO – here you go! My favorite location, and the last in our month long marathon. We still have lots to share including their reception, but it will probably take me a couple of days to recover 😉


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