Sandra & Tyler’s UBC Boathouse Wedding

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Not that I didn’t know it before, but when Reilly and I ran into Sandra at what could best be described as a Celtic punk show a few months before the wedding, it was clear we were going to have a blast with these two!

My heart leaps at the word theme – anytime anyone pulls together something a little different, you know it’s going to be a good time. And, for this UBC Boathouse wedding, the theme was Carnival – and pulled off perfectly. Goldfish topped each table, there was a (semi-successful) balloon drop during the first dance, and the balloons and theme-specific candy table rounded out the room.

The scene was set for everyone to have a great time – and that they did. It’s easy to capture images of everyone laughing and enjoying themselves when the night is as fun as theirs was!

We haven’t seen everything from these two as we’ve got a second shoot planned for a day that’s *not* pouring rain, so we’re looking forward to getting to more portrait time in a few weeks. For now, enjoy just a few of our favourites!


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