Valentine, Be Mine!

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So many things – Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy Chinese New Year! Hello Abby! (we saw you in the parade!) Add on the Olympics and WOW there is a lot going on!

Of course, a huge HELLO and CONGRATS! to all the gals who find themselves with a ring today and start browsing around as well 😉

For us – just got back from the parade to a huge, gorgeous arrangement from Reilly (awwwww) and I’m chilling the champagne for mimosas as we have friends en route for Valentine’s day brunch at our place. After that – who knows! It’s sunny and warm here today, and while I feel this way most days, I’m really loving Vancouver right now :)

Cheers, Everyone!


(This is a shot from Alanna & Ben’s wedding which you’ll see shortly, but it’s got pink in it and it’s happy, so it seems a good addition to today’s post 😉 )

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