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I just received an email from Lynn, one of our brides from April 2005 (you can see a shot from Lynn’s wedding in the Raves section of the website). I wanted to share it with you as it’s the kind of feedback I love to get!

Thanks for the note, Lynn!

Hey Miranda

I have been meaning to drop you a note for a couple of weeks to tell you a quick story.

A couple of weeks ago I had breakfast with a coworker. I decided to bring my wedding album since I’d never had the chance to show her.

She is looking through the album, and she starts crying, and her comment was that the pictures were just so beautiful! It made her feel like she was right there with us, and she also said we look totally in love in them!

That to me is even more validation of the great work you guys do!

Just thought I would let you know…


In the eye of the beholder

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I’m almost caught up with all the great images I’ve been wanting to blog, but in the meantime I wanted to share this quick anecdote!

There are about as many different styles of photography out there as there are photographers. As such, we keep close tabs on what is happening in advertising, media, fashion, and film to gain our inspiration which in turn allows us to consistently deliver fresh and sassy images to each of our clients. And, yes, the rumour that Reilly subscribes to Fashion Magazine *is* also true 😉

On that note, we met with Miranda and Mark recently whose wedding we did in May. They relayed the cutest comment from an older family member that both affirmed some of our style influences and at the same time reminded us that no matter what you do – whether you are a true journalistic photographer posing nothing all day long, somewhere in the middle as we are, or an accomplished traditionally influenced photographer posing every shot to ensure perfect composition and lighting – that there will always be people your work resonates with and those that it doesn’t.

So, of course, the comment after viewing the images that we had done for these guys was “I don’t like the way your photographer took your pictures. Everything looks like it’s out of a magazine advertisement, like you’re trying to sell something!”

Of course, we took this as a compliment as it means that those style influences seem to be shining through quite well! Miranda & Mark are thrilled with their images and we’ll be sure to get copies of some of the more formal group shots to that relative so that everyone is happy – I’m sure we can find a few that look a little less magazine-like!

You can view Miranda & Mark’s photos and slideshow by scrolling down to the May 21st & June 15th blog entries.

Steve & Michael

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You’ll remember Steve & Michael from the engagement session we did a while back. Well, on July 1st, they were hitched!

The wedding took place at the Peace Arch which couldn’t have been a more appropriate spot. The sky was blue, the day beautiful, and family and friends from both sides of the border came to celebrate with them on a very memorable Canada Day.

Of course, the day wouldn’t have been complete without a very, very sweet ride to add the final touch. The shot of the Mercedes is of the grooms as they drove away from the Peace Arch and into married life!

Lyndsay & Mike

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Lyndsay and Mike were married this Friday at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club at Jericho. Lyndsay was absolutely stunning and Mike in his kilt definitely lived up to the “Hot Doctor” nickname that Lyndsay had given him early on in their relationship 😉

And of course, what famiy picture would be complete without the puppies? The dogs had joined us previously for the engagement pictures so we were well in love with them by the time the wedding came around.

More images to come when we process them all!

Zaheeda & Hussein

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Zaheeda & Hussein were married in a whirlwind 4 day affair two weeks ago. After we photographed the wedding of good friends of theirs last year, these two took one look at the album we had done and knew they wanted to bring us to Edmonton for their wedding.

And what a treat it was! Their families welcomed us in as though we had always been there. By the end of the weekend I found myself tearing up right along with Zaheeda’s mom as the final ceremonies were performed and Zaheeda left the home of her parents for good with her new husband.

And, of course, the colour. Every outfit was stunning, but the turquoise lengha she wore for the reception on the third day and the matching outfit donned by Hussein was incredible. I can’t wait to share more.

And, on that note, with literally thousands of images captured from this event we’ve hardly had a chance to even begin to sort! With so much going on and so many great moments captured, I can’t wait to share the rest with all of you. For now, I pulled a couple images from the third day to give a taste of just what the weekend held.


Maternity Portraits

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In the next month or two we’ll be updating our website to reflect our new look and to showcase some of the other work that we love to do – lifestyle portraits.

I love to capture and preserve all of life’s fleeting moments – weddings and celebration of course, but also pregnancy, birth, and all the stages of both our children’s growth as well as our own.

Today I had the honour of photographing Stacy in the final weeks of pregnancy with her first baby. Absolutely stunning and with such a glow, I am looking forward to all of the photos we’ll be taking when baby arrives in the weeks ahead!