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Carla & Jamie’s Alpine Meadows Resort Wedding

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Carla & Jamie are so laid back and easy to get along with, and when they described their wedding venue it fit them to a T.

In the middle of nowhere… room for everyone to stay for the weekend… fit for a party under the gorgeous summer skies. Perfect.

Alpine Meadows Resort is a new property, and it sits roughly between Barriere and Clearwater, an hour or so north of Kamloops. Well, that is of course if the ferry is open – when I say that this place is tucked away, I mean it! The quickest route takes you on a fit-for-3 (at most!)  ferry ride across a river, and as it’s only got one operator it’s closed for lunch and he heads home around 6pm, necessitating a longer drive around. The fun is all in the trip however, so here’s a peak at our ferry adventure on the way –

alpine meadows resort trip

Looking forward – like many of the guests – to a weekend away, we loaded up the truck with all of our gear, picked up Shari, and headed on our way. Once we arrived we were stunned with this property – brand new, complete with an on site restaurant and super nice cottages with large balconies for lazy evenings watching the sun set and catching a glimpse at the stars (which you forget are even there when you spend so much time in the city!)

The wedding itself was exactly what they wanted – laid back, a celebration, set in a beatiful location.

No one could have asked for anything more! Cheers, guys!


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  1. Joep

    Absolutely great wedding and engagement photo's!
    You have great landscapes over there! Jalous about it!
    One of my favorites:
    1. The couple on the pier with the mountains in the background (sorry for my english) (carla & jamie)
    2. Engagement photo in the pipe (Malina and Mike)
    3. Last photo – Night scene with the stars visible

    You've got a realy great photographic eye (and experience)


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