Amanda & Jeff

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So many albums!

As is inevitable at this time of year, our lives have been full of album design as we finally get the opportunity to transform the individual images of each wedding into book form.

Many of our clients chose digital style albums this year, which is awesome as I just love how much can be done in the layout phase. That said, I’m a sucker for the clean simplicity of matted albums as well. Using Queensberry allows me the creativity I crave here – we can literally design each mat ourselves rather than having to use boring preselected ones, so it’s just impossible to get bored.

Speaking of digital albums though, we’ve made the decision to bring another album company on board to complement the digital offerings we currently carry. It will be a few weeks before I can fine tune my sample layout and get one in studio, but pictures to come when my new samples arrive!

Now, without further adieu, I bring you just a peak of Amanda & Jeff’s wedding, which we just recently finished editing. With such a gorgeous bride and good looking groom, our job is really too easy. And look at those flowers! I’m a sucker for colour, and her flowers really take the cake.

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