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Every time we pick up our cameras to photograph a wedding we are charged with capturing the memories of a couple and of a family that will be cherished and looked at for years to come. These are the images that will be carefully tucked away to be shown to children, to grandchildren. We aren’t just creating art for today – we are entrusted to document events which will be looked at by the families of our clients 50 or 100 years from now.

When I look through the images that have been proudly displayed and those that have been carefully tucked away and stored for so many years in my own family, I get a glimpse of the lives of my loved ones that I never had the ability to see. When people look at our photos years from now, I want them to see not only how everyone looked but to also get a feel for who they were then – whether they were wonderfully quiet and introspective with a wedding draped in elegance or if they were outgoing with a flair for being different, that’s what I want them to see.

If anyone was ever the quintessential big sister, it was me. No matter how old he gets, my little brother will always be my little brother. For those that know Roy, you know that unique hardly describes him, and the concept of marriage and wedding would stun and surprise almost anyone who has met him. For me, having gotten to know Tara when they were inseparable in junior high and high school years ago, it caused a chuckle but no real surprise when they not only had found each other again in this crazy world of ours but when they told us that they had eloped, knowing they didn’t ever want to lose each other again.

Of course, to elope means no wedding and celebration for the family, so in just 3 short weeks a party was thrown together so we could all get together and raise a glass to Roy & Tara. As the big sister who demands only the best, I was the remote wedding coordinator and day of decorator, I was the queen of seeking out the most perfect desserts, I was the MC, and I was the photographer, too, along with Reilly (so, although we got married 6 years ago, I have recent experience in what all all of you planning weddings are going through!). The focus was the party and that’s what we put on, and it was wonderful.

And, for once, instead of documenting the memories for everyone else, we got to turn the cameras on our own family and record our own.

My brother, the Groom


My Mom


The Dance


The Day After – The Graveyard


The Day After – The RollerCoaster


The Day After – The Swings


The Day After – The Snow
(and for those of you in Vancouver, this was real Albertan snow – and it was about 24 below at the time. Needless to say, this was a bride determined to get snow angel pictures out of her wedding dress purchase!)



Love to you both, Roy & Tara!

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  1. Christina

    Oh, that one on the swings is particularly fabulous. I remember when we met you guys in October you mentioned your brother had just eloped, I'm glad you got a chance to shoot the party part of the wedding anyway and that it was such a wonderful one.

    Mounir and I are really looking forward not just to our wedding but to your photographic output of it. One of my friends told me she keeps playing our engagement slideshow on the side of the desktop of her computer at work, and a few relatives who won't be able to make it are glad we've got such great photographers to capture what it felt like.

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