Colleen & Bernie’s Beach House Restaurant Wedding

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Does it make me a bad person if I *really* want to share 2 posts at once – with the newest addition to Colleen & Bernie’s little family – but need to pace myself with the posting every day thing? 😉 First thing Wednesday morning check back for that!

SO – Colleen & Bernie chose the Beach House at Dundarave Pier for their fall wedding. It was a tiny one for us with just Reilly photographing for a few hours, but the room was full with a great bunch of family and friends there to celebrate the knot tying!

Our good friend Evan over at Flowerz did amazing work on adding colour to the day, the work they do is *always* incredible so for anyone looking for flowers be sure to stop by the shop.

I also have to say that this is officially our first streaker at a wedding – yup, our photo session was interrupted by that nekid bum you see there, but at least it was caught on camera 😉


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  1. tamara

    Gorgeous. Love the yellow & green.. it seems like such a beautiful, intimate event.

    Laughed SO HARD at the random naked guy on the pier giving the thumbs up! Hilarious!

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