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My passion for photography comes from being given the opportunity to document some of the most important moments in the lives of my clients. I repeat over and over again to people who ask why I do it that I know what my parent’s wedding photos look like and I know what my grandparent’s do, too. I have glimpses of their childhoods through photos and I have record of mine. It’s powerful, powerful stuff.

While snapshots are important, I know that through my camera I can capture stunning artistic images that both capture the essence of the people I’m shooting and that will stand the test of time. Images that my clients proudly hang on their walls and display in their albums.

And, on that note, more often than not I am able to capture images and moments that otherwise would have never been captured.

A few weeks ago I posted the maternity pictures of Stacy who was due with her first baby last week. And, last Thursday, I had the honour of attending and documenting the home birth of her very beautiful baby girl.

These are images that would have never been captured if not for my presence. They are also images that will be cherished for the entire lives of this new family. They are true photojournalism at its finest, and I still cry everytime I see them.

With the blessing of the family I am sharing the slideshow for those of you who would like to see it. It’s been edited for modesty, but it’s still a birth and there are some very graphic frames so some may choose not to view it.

Click here to view the slideshow

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