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You know, we go to a lot of weddings and we’ve seen countless different venues and types of celebrations. And sometimes, things really just click for us. This was one of those times.

We were married 7 years ago (as of last week! weu!) and I can absolutely say that if we were to do it all over again right now, this would be the exact way to do it.

Small, destination wedding. Not very far away though – Tofino/Ucleulet is so very close and yet feels like it’s worlds away. A big house to hold the wedding and reception as well as to provide accomodations for a sizeable group of friends and family. Beach and rocks and waves and trees. Amazing food served all night long. Mingling. Drinking. Gorgeous details and decor. And most importantly, an incredible group of family and friends to share it with.

The Dress and the View from the master bedroom


The rings on the pages of the Prophet – later to be used as the source of a ceremony reading


My favourite ceremony shot. Deanna hugging her father after they’ve walked down the aisle


Some of the amazing food, flowers, and other details


The Bride


The Groom





The View


The Cake


Congratulations again to you both, from the bottom of our hearts. It was such an honour to be there to celebrate with you!

Kudos to Camilla at Crabapple Floral in Tofino who blows me away each time we do a wedding in Tofino or Ucleulet with her gorgeous work, and to our friends Albertine & Brina from Blue Skies and Daisies who did their magic with invites and website goodies here as well. It was great to see you both! Here’s one final shot of the Blue Skies clan!


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  1. Bryan Hearn

    What a treat to see some pro photos of such a great event and a lovely couple.

    Living in St.Paul , Alberta , it feels like we are even more intimate now that your photos are available. Annalee and I are anxious to know if your photos of Jimmy & Deanna with the two of us, taken outside, turned out ?

    Will it be possible for us to purchase a photo from tou, after the Bride and Groom choose their's ??

    Bryan Hearn (Ken's dad)

  2. Deanna (& Jimmy)

    Miranda & Reilly…

    We were anxious to see some of the images you captured from our special day and wow!…we were so happy, a little teary & super impressed as we scrolled down your blog & saw our pictures……we can't wait to see the rest!

    You sure captured the mood of the location and the picture of us on the beach is so wonderful….kind of wish we stayed a bit longer but alas the rain started to pour :)


  3. Shannon Scott

    Wow… the photos are amazing! The day was so beautiful and the time so magical I didn't think it would be possible to capture it in photos but you have done it!

    Dee and Jimmy ~ you are both so radiant.

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