Hey Edmonton! An update all about you – Blue Olive portraits, E-Town style

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A giant hello to all of our favourite Edmonton peeps!

Reilly and I are going to be in Edmonton this week, and while we’re always available for weddings in the area, we only ever have portrait openings once or twice a year. This time, we not only have portrait session times, but they’re coming with a sweet Mother’s Day sale (also available locally in Vancouver, of course)!


We will be in Edmonton this coming Mother’s Day weekend, and we have a very limited selection of portrait times available! It’s a super rare chance for portraits with us in Edmonton, and we’re a little over excited.

New baby, crazy family of five, or just the two of you? Perfect. Kids that just want to run around and play all day (now that it’s nice out?) Even better. Blue Olive exists to capture gorgeous, real life images of the crazy troop that is your family, and we’re so excited to do that with our Edmonton peeps both past clients & friends and new clients & friends!

We’re also pre-booking sessions before and after August 5th (our next scheduled trip), and we’re doing it at the sale rate so if this weekend is a little too soon, we’ll make it happen in the summer.

Questions? Ready to snag your spot? Want to know more? Perfect – drop us a line at info@blueolivephotography.com and we’ll sort out the details

Can’t wait to see you!

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