Vegas, Baby!

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I was in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago for the annual WPPI photography convention with 15 000  or so of my favorite photographer friends!

Since moving into our new studio just before Christmas we’ve been stuck trying to figure out just what should go up on the walls, but I found a few amazing new products that will be debuting in our studio over the next couple of months thanks to the convention. If you think you’re in love with what we have now, you just wait 😉

Tracey, Jeanie, Ian and I also rented a car to get off of the strip with our cameras. Tracey hadn’t been to Vegas before so we did what any good photographers do – we headed to the Welcome to Vegas sign.

As we pulled up the CUTEST couple in wedding dress and suit were there. Hot pink accents, feathers in the hair, all cute and just married – being photographed by the limo driver.

No, no no, noooooooooooo. That just wouldn’t do.

I don’t even know if we were parked yet when I jumped out of the car and got over there to introduce myself. Clearly, this couple needed some photographer love, and Tracey, Jeanie, and I were excited to jump in.

We ended up shooting a quick session at the sign as they were in the middle of their private city tour, otherwise we probably would have pulled them into our car and driven around with them for a while, too 😉 They had just gotten married at a little chapel by the sounds of it, and had had the teary phone call home with the news! As fate would have it they were also fellow Canadians who’d eloped from their home in Ontario.


CONGRATS CONGRATS Ericka & Justin! Thanks for letting us take over a little bit of your wedding day, and for not running away when I insisted that you really, really wanted us to shoot you 😉



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