Engagement Sessions

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We’ve been doing so many engagement sessions recently that I need to share. Our engagement sessions are such a fantastic way to get to know our couples and for them to feel more comfortable with being in the spotlight behind our cameras.

Joni & Jason live what probably seems like a world apart but you can see the love they have for eachother in their eyes when they get to spend time together, like they did earlier this month when Jason came up to visit. They are getting married in May.

Roger & Janette are also planning their wedding for next May. The first shot was taken in their church as we did a quick session there before heading out to Yaletown for a few more urban shots.

Alexandra & Rob are planning their July wedding and we visited Stanley Park as it was one of the places that Rob took Alexandra before she made the move to Vancouver, and it was there that he first asked if she wanted to move to be here with him.

Peter & Stacey will be married in just a couple of weeks at the beginning of October. Similar to Rob & Alexandra, Stanley Park has special meaning for these two as it is somewhere they went when they first dated. We were blessed with gloriously blue skies that day, which make for amazing images!

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