Stefanie & Natalie’s English Bay Wedding

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We always tell our couples that between the time we meet and the wedding day the plans will most definitely change… and sometimes much more than expected!

When we first chatted with these two, they were eloping to Vancouver for a teeny tiny wedding for two. Until, of course, those closest to them found out what they were doing and they chose to invite their family! I loved that their elopement up North to Vancouver, Canada turned into an excuse for a large family vacation. They stayed true to much of how they had envisioned their day – complete with mittens and warm jackets, a gorgeous (sunny!) ceremony with views of the water, and sneaking away here and there for lots of alone time. That rounded out with the happy tears of those nearest and dearest to them, and a reception at one of my favourite restaurants, The Refinery.

I think every wedding we shoot is my new favourite, so today this one is it! I loved capturing just a little hint of all the quiet moments taken together on a day they’ll be looking back at for years.

I also cry at every wedding, so I might as well fess up. At this one, it was during the ceremony – this was the ceremony they had planned this trip for, well before the thought of inviting guests or having a reception were considered. This was a ceremony that wasn’t legal in their state, but important enough to come to another country for. That moment when they stood in the warm sun of a winter day, holding hands overlooking the ocean… I don’t know if there was a dry eye there, but I cried then and I’m tearing up now just thinking about it. There’s a good reason we do what we do.

So, without more chatting on my part, enjoy just a peak into this elopement turned intimate wedding!


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