Video – Lindy & Trong’s Hornby Island Wedding

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OK, ok, I’ll share!

Has everyone been enjoying the holiday season, and this week the GORGEOUS weather? I think I’ve eaten my weight in chocolate and we’ve been spending lots of time with close friends and family. We’re officially back in the office Tuesday but I wanted to stop by with a couple of updates, as I know already from the emails we’ve been getting that there are lots of gals with brand new rings on their fingers!

One of my favourite parts of each shoot we do is the video – the highlights of the wedding all pulled together, including (new for all of our 2011 events) a few snips of moving video thrown into the mix for added effect. These videos are the first look for our clients and more importantly the best way to share the wedding as a snapshot, and we’ll be sharing more of these with our blog readers going forward.

The full blog post is yet to come for these two, but with the sun today I’m reminded of this gorgeous fall wedding on Hornby Island and thought this was the perfect video to share – joy is contagious, and I adore these guys. Enjoy!

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  1. Candace

    Wow is all I can say. What an incredibly unique way to do a slideshow of images. Truly inspirational and beautiful! It wasn't even my wedding and I got emotional watching the video. Absolutely stunning. You two are so talented. :)

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