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I’m almost caught up with all the great images I’ve been wanting to blog, but in the meantime I wanted to share this quick anecdote!

There are about as many different styles of photography out there as there are photographers. As such, we keep close tabs on what is happening in advertising, media, fashion, and film to gain our inspiration which in turn allows us to consistently deliver fresh and sassy images to each of our clients. And, yes, the rumour that Reilly subscribes to Fashion Magazine *is* also true 😉

On that note, we met with Miranda and Mark recently whose wedding we did in May. They relayed the cutest comment from an older family member that both affirmed some of our style influences and at the same time reminded us that no matter what you do – whether you are a true journalistic photographer posing nothing all day long, somewhere in the middle as we are, or an accomplished traditionally influenced photographer posing every shot to ensure perfect composition and lighting – that there will always be people your work resonates with and those that it doesn’t.

So, of course, the comment after viewing the images that we had done for these guys was “I don’t like the way your photographer took your pictures. Everything looks like it’s out of a magazine advertisement, like you’re trying to sell something!”

Of course, we took this as a compliment as it means that those style influences seem to be shining through quite well! Miranda & Mark are thrilled with their images and we’ll be sure to get copies of some of the more formal group shots to that relative so that everyone is happy – I’m sure we can find a few that look a little less magazine-like!

You can view Miranda & Mark’s photos and slideshow by scrolling down to the May 21st & June 15th blog entries.

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