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I stumbled upon Ladies who Launch via another local entrepreneur’s blog last night, and I’m practically tripping over myself already because I’m so excited.

Ladies who Launch – as best as I can describe it – is a collective of creative entrepreneur type women working together to help each other reach their goals through networking, mentoring, idea generating, and just plain old girl talk. There is an incubator workshop being held in Vancouver in May led by the fabulous Bodacious Girls, and I’m already signed up.

I’m already meeting with someone I met last night through the network next weekend to talk about possibly helping out with some of the photography for an up coming tres cool Crave Party project, and I just CANNOT wait until May when I get to meet everyone else.

I spend my days immersed in Blue Olive… working on our new logo & brand (to be launched soon!), networking with other photographers, pouring over neat marketing ideas to get our name out to future Blue Olive couples, and thinking up great ways to WOW our current clients.

Since moving our studio to Vancouver in the fall, I’ve never felt so EXCITED about our business as I do this week (if that’s even possible, because I’m always excited about it!). Later this month we’ve been setting up a dinner and drinks get together for some other local wedding photographers so it will be great to meet more people. And now, with Ladies who Launch I’m going to meet and work with a whole pile of amazing, talented, and creative local women who are looking for the same thing as I am – to take a idea, turn it into reality or expand it exponentially from where it is now, and KICK SOME BUTT with what we do!

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  1. cynthia

    hi miranda! that's very cool that you found the ladies who launch at bodacious! i'm so looking forward to it & now to meeting you as well! very exciting!! cheers!
    Cynthia aka biggirlfeet!

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