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Laurence & Chelsea

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Welcome to our new blog! We hope to use this space to share what we’re doing, give the odd sneak peak here and there into some of our shoots, and basically give you a view into our world.

As new photographers to the Vancouver area, we’ve got lots on the go as we work on building the Blue Olive brand and getting our name out there.

First up, let me share a few shots from the wedding I’m just finishing today. Laurence and Chelsea were married a few weeks ago, and what a wedding it was! As out-of-towners, sometimes it’s hard to pull things off, but these guys were over the top with class and everything went seamlessly.

The bride had amazing support in her bridal party and her Mom, and she was really able to let go and just enjoy her day to the fullest knowing that every little detail had been taken care of.

From our walk through the University campus to the visit of Dad’s tree at Devonian and ending with a good old fashioned drink at a pub, this bridal party was a blast to hang out with. There are just so many great shots – I can’t wait to start working on the album!

On the way to the ceremony – she wasn’t nervous at all!
And, what a ceremony location! Great light, great venue. Timms Centre on the University campus.
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On a walk around campus and at the Devonian gardens. Stunning!

Letting loose after the perfect day!

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