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As mentioned a couple posts ago, Northern Voice was this past weekend and Reilly and I both spoke at Photocamp. It’s *so hard* to try to figure out what to possibly cover in 15 minutes, but we settled on lighting and split it up into two tidy packages and put together our stuff.

My presentation on natural lighting was fairly universal – anyone with a camera from point and shoot to full dSLR and gear could probably get something out of it. Conveniently, if you weren’t there, the whole thing complete with slides and video and all has been put up on the web and can be watched online.

Reilly’s presentation is also online and focuses on more advanced flash use and is probably more interesting to the serious amateur or for pros who haven’t spent a lot of time focussing on lighting, but totally worth checking out. That’s here.

We’ve had a tonne of fabulous feedback from those who came out to hear us speak, and we’ve had requests to get the links out there, so enjoy!

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