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Today is Reilly’s birthday and the official start of the Olympics, so we’ll resume our regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow. There’s just so much going on!

It’s hard not to get swept up in all the excitement – we saw the torch last night, and Reilly was out of the house just after 5am this morning to check it out again coming across the Lions Gate bridge. A stop back at the studio had us here just in time for our friend Steven’s surprise visit in his Olympic ride – a decked out mini from Canon! Seems that a few of the big-shot media folks get to ride around with giant cameras on the roof, so it was only fitting that he stopped by to say hello.

Reilly is back out spending his birthday exactly how he wants to – photographing the sights and sounds of all those downtown celebrating. I’m just getting organized to head over to a friend’s where a bunch of us are gathering in anticipation of the opening ceremonies tonight. We were super fortunate to attend one of the opening ceremonies dress rehearsals a couple of days ago thanks to our good friend Shan who is performing in the closing ceremonies and involved in the broadcast tonight, and while I definitely won’t spill the beans I will say WOW. You are all in for an incredible treat, and I can’t wait to see it with all the final polish and energy that will be there tonight. The performances are oh-so-Canadian and I will say (but shhhh – don’t tell him!) it left both Reilly and I with tears in our eyes. I am so excited for everyone to see.

So! Regularly scheduled post tomorrow, I hope everyone has an INCREDIBLE day today, and enjoy it! Here are a few quick snapshots from last night and this morning (I mean, I still have to include *something* pretty to look at 😉



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