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I have a few mentions of our work that I’ve let slip by the blog, so thought I should take a moment to mention a few of the places we’ve been featured in the past few months and some of the things we’ve been up to!

First up – we were excited to be contacted by the folks over at recently for a feature they did on Trash the Dress a couple of weeks ago. The article was picked up by a number of newspapers and other publications across the country, and their trash the dress gallery features a handful of our images. Wahoo!

For us, “trashing the dress” really means taking images that are not restricted by the constraints of the wedding day, like worrying about getting the dress wet or dirty. In many cases, it’s a great excuse to get in the water and have some fun, but our after sessions don’t need to involve water or even getting the dress too dirty, either. We have so many ideas of great session locations – for both winter *and* summer, so these are something we definitely look forward to! It’s also one way that couples who couldn’t have us shoot their wedding for one reason or another are able to get Blue Olive photos to remember their wedding by – by getting dressed up again and doing a session with us!

Second – our lovely clients turned friends Steph & Kevin have been in the spotlight a couple of times this year for their amazing 50’s inspired wedding last summer. is the biggest name, with these guys gracing the front page of their wedding section with their gorgeous wedding photos and fun story. Locally, Real Weddings Magazine also picked up their story with a feature about their wedding in the spring/summer issue this year – people still comment on it when they see us, so I know many of you saw that!

Third – not press related at all, but Reilly and I have been asked to speak again twice in the past few months to the most recent digital photography classes over at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts. It’s so much fun to go spend half a day with a room full of budding new photographers, eager to pick our brains about the business and how we do things. Definitely something I look forward to each new semester! A shout out to all the VanArts folks – past and present – who I know are following our work.

Fourth – shhhh, Reilly would blush if he knew I was even mentioning it. For us, we have Blue Olive Photography the company, but when we’re not working on the business side we just enjoy photography as an art. Reilly has *finally* started to get some of his work out there here in Van and is starting to do things like art shows (something he did much more of when we were back in Edmonton a few years ago), and currently has a couple of shots in a group show here. It’s fun because as a plastic camera/lo fi showing, it’s all about the crazy simplicity of cheap plastic cameras and that thing called film, and the images that you produce really are about you as a photographer and much less about the expensive equipment and the “hey that camera must take great photos” that we work with on the professional side of the house!

That’s it for now… there are a number of fun things that I’ve got in the hopper to share with you all, but for another day! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Cheers

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