Felicia and Nina’s Roedde House Wedding

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I hear so many love stories – stories of how people met, how they got engaged, and so on. And I’ve never heard a story quite like this one.

Felicia & Nina are novelists, and their story is nothing short of a fairy tale.

Their relationship started in separate cities with a letter. A handwritten, pen to paper letter. One came back. Another sent. And so on…

They’d met in a prior lifetime, but for months it was only through pen and paper that they spoke… they became a couple on paper, and they traveled to Vancouver to be wed on the one year anniversary of finally – finally – seeing eachother in person.

They chose the Roedde House museum as it was the home to Vancouver’s first bookbinder, and a perfect setting for this day. We joined them for a few photos before they went on their way, and I wish they lived closer as I know we’d be great friends.

Cheers to you both! Thank you for sharing your day with us. We can’t wait to share your album with you :)


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  1. Ted Martindale

    We have another story for you…we will be married this summer at the Roedde House. I was born in Vancouver and lived until the age of 4 in the Roedde House.
    In 1984 I was in South Africa and heading back to Canada boarded a British 747 for the first 10 hour leg to London. A beautiful Afrikkans girl sat next to me and we became connected on the journey. We spent the most romantic few days in London before we lost track of one another. I never forgot Annette van der Merwe. 3 years ago I started an intensive search to try to find her. I wound up with 2 friends on Facebook by that name but could not locate the original. I had given up the search after about a year and a half thinking this was a fruitless effort. Then a miracle…she searched for me and found me. We reconnected in Zurich shortly after that and like magic we found the perfect mate again after 26 years. She is the most wonderful person and beautiful too…we are very, very, happy and lucky.

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