Secrets Revealed – Kevin & Stef’s Ceremony Intro, in 3D!

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Finally – the secret is revealed!

I hinted back when we started this project that there was more to these two, and now that we’ve surprised their family and friends I can share the end result with you!

Kevin and Stef planned their retro 50’s rockabilly wedding down to every detail, and when they first came to meet with us they shared what they wanted most – an old school silent film made out of stills to show to their guests. In 3D.

And really, who are we to shy away from a challenge?!

The logistics of production were entertaining to say the least (these aren’t photoshop effects, many of the images were shot on a 40 year old stereo camera that didn’t have much more than a shutter for controls, and the rest with a rigged up digital system that allowed us to take 2 simultaneous photos apx. 65mm apart, which is about the width of our eyes), and we put our video hats on from our independent film days to pull together the final cut. It’s perfectly imperfect – exactly what we set out to do.
So how did it go down?

When the guests were seated for the ceremony they each had an envelope holding their 3D glasses with a note to not open them. When the bride was in place and everything was ready, instead of watching the bride walk down the aisle as they were all expecting we had them open their envelopes revealing the glasses inside and the show played! The popcorn they’d been handed suddenly made sense (both for eating, and throwing!), and we had the entire room in stitches with laughter. The bride made her entrance after the show!

Some details –




And, what you’ve all been waiting to see – Kevin & Stef’s show! Now – this is in 3D and for those of you with glasses, go grab them – they’re needed to get the full effect!

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