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Of course, more than just the 3D movie, we all want to see how it went, right?

It went off without a hitch! Now let’s get to the pics, shall we –

Stef getting ready


One of many details – the sandwich board. I LOVE the sandwich board!


When you get married on Zombiewalk day, you are pretty much obligated to get a photo. Well, you are if you’re into that sort of thing. Having been active Zombiewalk participants in the past, it was only fitting that we plan their session around grabbing a few shots with the zombies.


Reilly and I have been shooting under bridges for years, and we hit up 2 with these guys. The light is amazing and perfect for portraits, and especially for cars. Having shot our ’69 beetle under this bridge and many others in the past, we knew just where to head with the ’53 Ford that Kevin just finished! Isn’t it gorgeous?


And one of the bride here too, for good measure


For bridge #2 we ditched the car and climbed a steep hill – for an amazing image that was totally worth it. HOT!


And one more from the same location


And, finally, I’ll finish with my favourite reception detail – the record cupcake towers, handmade by Kevin & Stef.


I haven’t even touched the surface with these guys, so I’ll be sure to share the finished slideshow in a few weeks when all is said and done. I could probably do an entire post of all the guests who’d dressed up as well, not to mention the dancing, but that will all have to wait until the end!

Congrats again, we had a blast. See you both soon!

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  1. carol

    Great photos! These people are the best sports ever! How fun were they to work with? Thanks for sharing these pictures. I was so curious to see how the zombie walk newlywed couple turned out. They are great. You guys do excellent work.

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