The Olives have Flown the Coop!

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It’s true! We’re hitting the road with a whole month in Cuba – and we should be safely tucked into our room in Varadero by the time you’re reading this.

We’ll be back in the studio on June 3rd. Internet is spotty in the land of the mojito, we’ll be getting online as much as possible but our responses may be a little slower than usual. Don’t have too much fun without us!

For all of you brides and grooms planning your upcoming weddings, don’t despair.  We’ll be setting up consults for the beginning of June based on the order people inquire and will be able to confirm our availability from here. If you want to finalize your booking and don’t want to wait – no worries. We’ll send you the info and we can get it all done remotely.

OK! We can’t *WAIT* to share all the awesome images we’re going to have when we get home. Have a great month, and we’ll catch you on the flip side!

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