Alanna & Ben’s UBC Boathouse Wedding Reception

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And for part two of Alanna & Ben’s wedding – the UBC Boathouse Reception!

There’s always so much I could focus on when I pick photos to blog – in this case, the awesome flowers (by Flower Factory) and decor (love the pink accents and colour everywhere!), the memphis style BBQ cooked on-site and served up with bibs and wet wipes for fingers courtesy of Memphis Mike, or our friends at Photobooth Vancouver (for the photobooth, of course!) and Lotus Events for awesome coordination to bring it all together. I could talk about how Shari joined us on the Blue Olive side, and I could even get into the fact that we are SUPER ECSTATIC that she’s an official Olive for the upcoming season so you’ll all be seeing a lot of her stuff. While I COULD talk about any of those things, I always go back to the same thing – we’re there for the people. And the moments. And the smiles, and the laughter, and the tears, so the rest of it is secondary.

So – with that – I bring you just a few of the happy, celebrating people that made up this reception. Regardless of how amazing the room looks and how much goes into the flowers and favors and chair covers and whatever… while we capture all of that too, we’re there to freeze the laughter and joy of happy celebration for years to come, so that’s what I’m sharing today. Cheers to you all!

ubc boathouse wedding

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