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Just a few short weeks after Mom & Dad tied the knot, baby Max decided enough was enough and came early! He had to spend some time at the hospital but once he was home we got to visit and capture these images over the holidays.

Have I mentioned recently how much I love it when we get to see our couples again, and especially so when they are welcoming new ones into their lives? We’ve got a couple more of these to share from the past little while, and even one or two we’re just waiting to arrive :)

Congrats congrats on your beautiful little guy! I know you guys are away but we’ll chat when you’re back home.



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    wedding photographer

    Haha – well, every baby is definitely different and you really just need to go with the flow. Newborns are pretty sleepy all on their own, some more than others. Make sure to schedule lots of time so there is time for eating and diapers and cuddles built in, make sure it is warm warm warm in the room (you could ask your family to turn up the temperature in anticipation so baby isn't startled when nekid, for example), and really just try to work with whatever baby is happy with. Some babies really need to be swaddled to be happy, for example. We always shoot newborns at their home as well so you're not adding all the stresses of travel and unfamiliar places. Work with the parents to choose a time of day when baby is most content. And of course, be ready to adapt as you really are on their schedule 😉

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