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I just went through the process of applying for renewal and being accepted for another year with the WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association). I was talking about it with someone recently and mentioned that I had 2 images place in the contests this year – and was reminded that winning awards doesn’t actually mean anything if I don’t tell people it happened, and to stop being so modest :)

While we’ve been having a great time lately with really unique and fun portraits, the core of what we do has always been capturing moments. The real stuff – the tears, the looks, the excited tension in the room while the girls are getting the last of their makeup done. The kind of images that cause people to laugh spontaneously or tear up when they see them, in some cases when they don’t even know the couple. That is the root of what we do.

The two images that I had place are definitely on the lighter side of things as make-you-laugh real moments, and the judges seemed to enjoy them! These images placed 3rd and 4th respectively in their categories earlier this year from hundreds of submissions.

From Sahar & Chris’ wedding – the cake cutting

Award winning wedding photo - cake cutting

And from Andrew & Sara’s wedding – the bouquet toss!

Award winning wedding photo - boquet toss

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