Brooke & Russ’ Whistler Wedding

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Originally from Vancouver, Brooke and Russ have been living in New Zealand for the past few years. We’ve been chatting with them for almost a year and a half as they planned their wedding from afar, and were super excited to finally meet when they flew to Vancouver in the days before the wedding!

I think one of the coolest things for them was that it really wasn’t just a wedding, but also a reunion – living on opposite ends of the globe it becomes a rare treat to spend time with closest friends and family.  They had a close knit group of people there to celebrate with them, and no one wasted any time in starting the party. What a blast!

Detail, details. Kudos to Paula at Aeyra Cakes for yet another gorgeous cake as well as the folks at ko-‘ket design and Eleni Floral for their share of these details

Whistler Wedding Brew Creek Lodge

The Ceremony – I love Brew Creek Lodge, it’s such a great venue and this is just one shot that shows how gorgeous it is

Whistler Wedding Brew Creek Lodge

Whistler Wedding Brew Creek Lodge

Whistler Wedding Brew Creek Lodge

The Bride & Groom

Whistler Wedding Brew Creek Lodge

Whistler Wedding Brew Creek Lodge

Whistler Wedding Brew Creek Lodge

This reception shot pretty much sums it up

Whistler Wedding Brew Creek Lodge

And – the party! Oh, the dancing. I couldn’t pick just one…

Whistler Wedding Brew Creek Lodge

CONGRATS again to you both! Hope you are well back in New Zealand, and that your Tahiti honeymoon was fabulous.

Thanks as well goes out to Jeanie for doing a stellar job second shooting!


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  1. Brooke

    We're just so blown away by these amazing 'teaser' photos up on your blog and can't wait to see the rest of what you have in store! It's so exciting to share these photos with people who were unable to attend but also to share with the guests that were there so they can relive the excitement! Everyone is amazed with the photos- the rich colour, the professionalism, the angles of the shots, the uniqueness- one of a kind! Thank you; they're absolutely gorgeous!!!

  2. Merri-Ann

    thank you so much for capturing the magic! As I'm viewing the pictures I get the same feelings I had when it was all happening. I can hear the music in the dance photos…I can feel the emotion in the ceremony pictures…I feel the fun and excitement in all the smiles. Thank you. Thank you.

  3. Russell

    When I think back to our wedding I go through a whole range of emotions… it was truly a beautiful and memorable experience for me and these photos capture all of that! Looking at the photos brings me right back to the most exciting and special day I've had. You guys are awesome and your pictures are a testament to your ability to truly capture the mood of an event. It was a pleasure having you at our wedding and you've been first class to deal with.

  4. Elli VanWijngaarden

    I was so impressed with the photos of the wedding, and their ability to allow me to relive such precious memories. They also allowed us to see all the moments we missed due to the dancing and the merriment. The depth of colors and clarity is very beautifully presented in such a way that it tells a tale of a very special day. You have given us a gift of sweet memories and for that I am very thankful
    Elli vanWijngaarden

  5. alex

    Just been browsing through all your work here, and wow, your use of colour and DOF is awesome!

    Well done on your work and long may it continue!

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