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Who doesn’t love candy?

One of the things that makes me wish that we could get married allover again (and trust me, after attending amazing wedding after amazing wedding I have enough great ideas to get married again 10 times over!) is the creative use of candy.

I know I’m just a little kid at heart, and incorporating candy into the day appeals to young and old alike. My favourite way to do this is through a candy table – containers upon containers of different types of candy just ready for the scooping. Fun, colourful, and not all that expensive. And – such a hit!

And to add a touch of personalization, you can even order M&Ms with your own message. They’re a little stuffy about shipping into Canada, but if you can’t convince them to do it you can get a friend to receive them and forward them up. Details here.

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  1. Lynn

    What a great idea Miranda!

    I wish I would have thought of that…with all the kids at our wedding, a candy table would have been a fantastic idea.

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