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Sahar & Chris were married on Saturday at the new Celebration Pavilion in Queen Elizabeth park, and they held their reception there at Seasons Restaurant.

Sahar was the perfect classic bride – I loved how she had her hair done and her dresses (one for the day, and one to dance in!) were classic and gorgeous to match!

They chose for their photos to be of just them which afforded us lots of time to drive around the city with their classic Rolls Royce grabbing photos wherever we went.

A few minutes after their first look, here they are on the couch in their new home by UBC

And again, with the car near Jericho beach


Sahar playing with her veil in Yaletown


A few of the gorgeous reception details

I really loved that they used stones for their guestbook, allowing guests to write well wishes with a permanent gold marker. These are fantastic as they can be displayed in so many ways and in so many places in their home, and will be enjoyed I think more than a book that seldom gets opened.

Also, they chose to decorate their tables with the simple flower arrangements shown but more importantly with pictures they had taken from their many overseas trips to the countries featured on each one. Family and friends at the table were able to look through the photos and share the stories they had heard from the couple about each trip, and guests were encouraged to take any pictures that they really enjoyed.

And finally, getting to know both Sahar and Chris we really got to see the fun loving spirit they share. On that note, I think that this non traditional cake feeding shot shows a tonne of personality!


Congratulations again, guys! It was an honour to celebrate with you. See you after your honeymoon!

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  1. Sahar

    Wow! I love these pix! I cannot wait to see the rest!
    You guys are sooooo great at what you do! :)
    Thank you SO MUCH! :)

  2. Hooman

    From the East Coast of the US, I must say, fantastic photos! Congratulations to both Sahar & Chris on what was clearly a great wedding, and to Blue Olive for the award winning photo spread!

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