Summer 2009

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OK, OK, I know! I have strayed from my ultra prompt blogging of yesteryear and have fallen sorely behind, so it stops now!

We’ve been working our butts off here at Blue Olive HQ, and with a larger team than normal to boot. Tamara joined our ranks for our July – September weddings, leaving her San Francisco home to wear the Blue Olive hat for the summer which has been fantastic. And Reka – whom you all met on a previous blog post – has officially *ended* her internship and has *begun* her officially official employment! It’s true – we loved her so much that we thought we’d keep her around, so Reka will continue to work behind the scenes in the office with us on an ongoing basis. Yay!

Heads have been buried as we’ve had so much going on. Incredible weddings, stellar engagement sessions, newborns, bellies, family photos and so on. And, of course, all the editing and album designing and finishing touches that go into each one.

So – here it is, Saturday night with the troops in from a spectacular wedding – wind-up toys! for favours! we got an alligator. the cats are in looooovvvveeee with it. congrats again renee & cameron! xoxoxo to you both – and I thought I’d take a moment while waiting for cards to download and backup and all those good things to check in and say hello.

2010 is booking quickly as well – we’re still busy with this year but already excited about the great couples we have for next year. The only hard part about the whole process is when we’re already booked for the days people are looking at, so no delays! Get in touch to snag your day before someone else does. We have some prime Saturdays still available so do get in touch. As an added bonus, I’ll send you the ultra fancy pants new package brochure I just finished today :)

Next up, some mad blogging of some of the recent weddings we’ve been up to.

Chat soon everyone!

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