Rigoletto at the Vancouver Opera!

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On Saturday night I was very excited to be invited along with a small group of local bloggers to Rigoletto at the Vancouver Opera!

The Vancouver Opera is trying to appeal to a broader audience and they’ve made a number of recent marketing changes including my favorite addition – blogger night.

Having never been to an opera, my completely uninformed ideas included many fancy hats and high pitched singing in languages I didn’t understand. Wow, was I wrong.

After reading the blogs of friends who were lucky enough to live blog Carmen in January, Reilly and I forked out for some prime tickets to take it in ourselves. Not only were there fancy hats, but there were also a great number of regular outfits – enough to make us feel completely *in* place. To my surprise and appreciation, there were also subtitles for those whose foreign language skills leave much to be desired, ensuring the performance was easy to follow along with. And of course, there was an incredible story told through the amazing voices of characters decked out in gorgeous costumes and set in a fantastic set.

Long story short, we loved it, and visiting the Opera has definitely landed itself a place on our yearly to-do list.

So – when the Vancouver Opera invited even more bloggers back for round two with Saturday’s opening of Rigoletto – I was *ecstatic* when Kimli of Delicious Juice invited me along!

Kimli (blog.deliciousjuice.com) and I joined my very dear friend Tanya (www.netchick.ca) and other local blogger friends Rebecca (www.miss604.com), Tris Hussey (www.trishussey.com), and Monique (www.somisguided.com) to live blog the opera!

The evening started with a backstage tour which was really very cool – the set is so very different from that of Carmen, and it was neat to see it from the perspective of the cast and crew. And, when the show was done, we got to head back stage for an opening night cast party. What a night! Rigoletto as a show was *FANTASTIC*, the singing was incredible, and I loved their use of a very non traditional set. Definitely a great time all the way around.

SO – if you’ve never been to an opera or if you have but haven’t yet been out to Rigoletto, this is definitely the time to change that!The Vancouver Opera is even having a two for one ticket sale for the March 17th show. You can find info about the show on their website at http://www.vancouveropera.ca/, and you can snag ticketsby calling 604-683-0222 with the promo code 1670.

For all those planning weddings and for everyone who needs to just get away for a few hours, this is the perfect night out for just the two of you. Don’t miss it!

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