What do you get when a bunch of photographers get together…

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Last week we were very excited to play host to our very good friend and Toronto wedding photographer extraordinaire John Edgar! It was a blast sharing this city through our eyes with him, and we drove all over everywhere to point out our favorite bits.

At the same time, photographers Rob & Lauren from Edmonton were in town, so it was only logical that we have a bit of a get together so they could meet some of the other photographers in the area!

And, as is the case any time you get a bunch of photo geeks together, the studio was put to great use. A few days prior to our get together Reilly and a few of our friends saw it fit that the empty refrigerator box that had been hanging out in the lobby *clearly* needed to become a prop in the studio for the weekend, and there’s a whole book of photos to show for it.

Here are a few of our favourite shots!

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