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Jamie & Nathan

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We’re just putting the finishing touches on some proofs and are so excited about the pictures that we had to give a sneak peak. Jamie & Nathan had the perfect October wedding. One thing I just love is when people integrate a theme – and these guys integrated the fall season into their wedding masterfully. Just look at those flowers! I’ve never seen anything quite like them, they really are just perfect.

Jamie was so beautiful in her dress handmade by her Grandmother, and Nathan was looking pretty fine himself. The weather didn’t even phase them as they bombed around in golf carts along with their bridal party.

As always, click each image to view it bigger. Enjoy!


Amanda & Jeff

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So many albums!

As is inevitable at this time of year, our lives have been full of album design as we finally get the opportunity to transform the individual images of each wedding into book form.

Many of our clients chose digital style albums this year, which is awesome as I just love how much can be done in the layout phase. That said, I’m a sucker for the clean simplicity of matted albums as well. Using Queensberry allows me the creativity I crave here – we can literally design each mat ourselves rather than having to use boring preselected ones, so it’s just impossible to get bored.

Speaking of digital albums though, we’ve made the decision to bring another album company on board to complement the digital offerings we currently carry. It will be a few weeks before I can fine tune my sample layout and get one in studio, but pictures to come when my new samples arrive!

Now, without further adieu, I bring you just a peak of Amanda & Jeff’s wedding, which we just recently finished editing. With such a gorgeous bride and good looking groom, our job is really too easy. And look at those flowers! I’m a sucker for colour, and her flowers really take the cake.


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Who doesn’t love candy?

One of the things that makes me wish that we could get married allover again (and trust me, after attending amazing wedding after amazing wedding I have enough great ideas to get married again 10 times over!) is the creative use of candy.

I know I’m just a little kid at heart, and incorporating candy into the day appeals to young and old alike. My favourite way to do this is through a candy table – containers upon containers of different types of candy just ready for the scooping. Fun, colourful, and not all that expensive. And – such a hit!

And to add a touch of personalization, you can even order M&Ms with your own message. They’re a little stuffy about shipping into Canada, but if you can’t convince them to do it you can get a friend to receive them and forward them up. Details here.

Cheryl & Rob - 257

Cheryl & Rob

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What a productive weekend! 2 weddings out to clients and 2 album layouts ready to be looked over.

This was another fabulous wedding. We had lots of time for photography so were able to get out of town to an old farmstead to take advantage of the colours in the buildings and that great big blue sky!

Cheryl found herself feeling poorly on her wedding day, but by the time she got her dress on all she could do was smile! Here she is in her limo just before heading into the church, and again just getting out. Such a gorgeous bride!

Doves! This was our first wedding where the couple released doves in celebration of their marriage. So many amazing photos! For the second shot here, after moving to the coast I’m going to miss the endless prairie skies. I am looking forward to finding all sorts of new hidden locations for the perfect photos, though!

Chelsea&Laurence - 0408 47C

Laurence & Chelsea

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Welcome to our new blog! We hope to use this space to share what we’re doing, give the odd sneak peak here and there into some of our shoots, and basically give you a view into our world.

As new photographers to the Vancouver area, we’ve got lots on the go as we work on building the Blue Olive brand and getting our name out there.

First up, let me share a few shots from the wedding I’m just finishing today. Laurence and Chelsea were married a few weeks ago, and what a wedding it was! As out-of-towners, sometimes it’s hard to pull things off, but these guys were over the top with class and everything went seamlessly.

The bride had amazing support in her bridal party and her Mom, and she was really able to let go and just enjoy her day to the fullest knowing that every little detail had been taken care of.

From our walk through the University campus to the visit of Dad’s tree at Devonian and ending with a good old fashioned drink at a pub, this bridal party was a blast to hang out with. There are just so many great shots – I can’t wait to start working on the album!

On the way to the ceremony – she wasn’t nervous at all!
And, what a ceremony location! Great light, great venue. Timms Centre on the University campus.
(click on any image to view a larger version)

On a walk around campus and at the Devonian gardens. Stunning!

Letting loose after the perfect day!